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Teras Kasi Artists are masters of hand-to-hand combat, with Teras Kasi translating to "Steel Hands." Known to use various forms of Knucklers to amplify their damage output, they are a dangerous foe to tangle with up close. Defeating a Teras Kasi is a difficult feat, as they train in Defensive Acuity and utilizes all forms of defensive techniques using Dodges, Counterattacks, and Blocking depending on the situation. Teras Kasi trains not only the body but also the mind, as Meditation is a key aspect of the skill allowing the users to push their physical and mental forms far above what is normally possible.

Skill Tree
Teras Kasi Master
Master Meditative Techniques Master Balance Conditioning Master Power Techniques Master Precision Striking
Expert Meditative Techniques Expert Balance Conditioning Expert Power Techniques Expert Precision Striking
Advanced Meditative Techniques Advanced Balance Conditioning Advanced Power Techniques Advanced Precision Striking
Intermediate Meditative Techniques Intermediate Balance Conditioning Intermediate Power Techniques Intermediate Precision Striking
Teras Kasi Novice

Teras Kasi requires 2,200,000 Unarmed experience and a total of 99 skill points to master.

Teras Kasi Artist Trainers

  • Tatooine - Mos Espa -2811 1973
  • Tatooine - Wayfar -5054 -6632
  • Talus - Dearic 418 -2906
  • Rori - Narmle -5288 -2508
  • Naboo - Theed City -5649 4206
  • Corellia - Kor Vella -3569 3145