Swordsman are masters of intimidation and raw power, using 2-Handed swords and hammers to demolish and overpower their foes. Specializing in Counter-Attacking as their primary defense, they are capable of dishing out damage even on the receiving end of pain.

Skill Tree
Master Swordsman
Master Sword Offense Master Sword Techniques Master Sword Defense Master Sword Finesse
Expert Sword Offense Expert Sword Techniques Expert Sword Defense Expert Sword Finesse
Advanced Sword Offense Advanced Sword Techniques Advanced Sword Defense Advanced Sword Finesse
Intermediate Sword Offense Intermediate Sword Techniques Intermediate Sword Defense Intermediate Sword Finesse
Novice Swordsman

Swordsman require 2,200,000 2-Handed weapons experience and a total of 99 skill points to master.

Swordsman Trainers

  • Tatooine - Mos Espa -2971 2032
  • Talus - Dearic 552 -2865
  • Rori - Narmle -5214 -2167
  • Naboo - Theed City -5382 4327
  • Corellia - Kor Vella -3374 3284
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