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Rifleman are long ranged death dealers, using high powered Rifles to take out their enemies with precision. Able to Conceal themselves and Take Cover, they are a difficult enemy to battle if they catch you past 50m. Rifleman primary defense attribute is Block.

Skill Tree
Master Rifleman
Sniping IV Concealment IV Counter-Sniping IV Rifle Abilities IV
Sniping III Concealment III Counter-Sniping III Rifle Abilities III
Sniping II Concealment II Counter-Sniping II Rifle Abilities II
Sniping I Concealment I Counter-Sniping I Rifle Abilities I
Novice Rifleman

Rifleman requires 2,200,000 Rifle experience and a total of 99 skill points to master.

Rifleman Trainers

  • Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3426 -4917
  • Talus - Dearic 587 -2870
  • Rori - Narmle -5215 -2373
  • Rori - Rebel Outpost 3649 -6492
  • Naboo - Keren 1274 2687
  • Corellia - Tyrena -5234 -2488