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Rangers are masters of the wild. With advanced frontier skills they can survive in the field near indefinitely. They are known for their ability to track anything, and even anyone. Using a wide selection of Traps and camouflages they can go unseen and ensnare many a foe.

Skill Tree
Master Ranger
Wayfaring IV Frontiering IV Tracking IV Advanced Trapping IV
Wayfaring III Frontiering III Tracking III Advanced Trapping III
Wayfaring II Frontiering II Tracking II Advanced Trapping II
Wayfaring I Frontiering I Tracking I Advanced Trapping I
Novice Ranger

Ranger requires 160,000 Scouting, 55,000 Wilderness Survival, 55,000 Trapping experience and a total of 0 skill points to master. Ranger is 1 of the 9 professions available on EiF.

Ranger Trainers

  • Tatooine - Mos Entha 1240 3356
  • Talus - Nashal 4234 5262
  • Rori - Narmle -5167 -2535
  • Naboo - Kaadara 5279 6591
  • Corellia - Coronet -505 -4633