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Politicians manage and create cities, and good politicians will be able to weigh the needs of their citizens while maintaining growth or steady population. They are ultimately responsible for the City Hall and various other Civic structures. In the coming GCW revamp, Politicians will be able to run for the Senate and decide the future and fate of the Galactic Civil War if they meet the requirements.

Skill Tree
Master Politician
Fiscal Policy IV Martial Policy IV Civic Policy IV City Customization IV
Fiscal Policy III Martial Policy III Civic Policy III City Customization III
Fiscal Policy II Martial Policy II Civic Policy II City Customization II
Fiscal Policy I Martial Policy I Civic Policy I City Customization I
Novice Politician

Politicians require 36,000 Political experience and 0 skill points to master.

Politician get 300 exp per vote at the end of the 3 week election cycle including 750 exp per week. Both exp payouts are given during the City Advancement cycle, which is dictated at the specific time a city is placed.

Politician Trainers

  • Corellia - Coronet -218 -4500
  • Tatooine - Bestine -1125 -3616
  • Naboo - Dee'ja Peak 4702 -1368
  • Rori - Narmle -5165 -2461