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Pistoleers are skilled gunslingers, utilizing Pistols to quickly dispatch their foes. On the run, a good pistoleer is able to Dodge most attacks while hammering away on the trigger to suppress their enemies.

Skill Tree
Master Pistoleer
Pistol Grips IV Pistol Marksmanship IV Pistol Techniques IV Pistol Stances IV
Pistol Grips III Pistol Marksmanship III Pistol Techniques III Pistol Stances III
Pistol Grips II Pistol Marksmanship II Pistol Techniques II Pistol Stances II
Pistol Grips I Pistol Marksmanship I Pistol Techniques I Pistol Stances I
Novice Pistoleer

Pistoleers requires 2,200,000 Pistol experience and a total of 99 skill points to master.

Pistoleer Trainers

  • Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3356 -4837
  • Talus - Dearic 583 -2871
  • Rori - Narmle -5241 -2455
  • Naboo - Keren 1258 2688
  • Corellia - Tyrena -5220 -2488