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Creature Handlers are masters of animal communication, forming bonds with wildlife across the galaxy. Masters of the skill have been known to tame some of the most dangerous creatures including the mighty Rancor.

Skill Tree
Master Creature Handler
Creature Taming IV Creature Training IV Creature Empathy IV Creature Management IV
Creature Taming III Creature Training III Creature Empathy III Creature Management III
Creature Taming II Creature Training II Creature Empathy II Creature Management II
Creature Taming I Creature Training I Creature Empathy I Creature Management I
Novice Creature Handler

Creature Handler requires 380,000 Creature Handling experience and a total of 63 skill points to master.

Creature Handler Trainers

  • Tatooine - Mos Entha 1372 3263
  • Tatooine - Mos Espa -2994 2530
  • Talus - Nashal 4467 5482
  • Rori - Restuss 5134 5749
  • Naboo - Kaadara 5181 6806
  • Corellia - Coronet -55 -4565
  • Corellia - Doaba Guerfel 3162 5191