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A Carbineer is a master of mid-Ranged combat with access to several CoE (Cone of Effect) and crowd-control abilities. On the defensive they specialize in Counterattacking their enemies using their ever flexible Carbines.

Skill Tree
Master Carbineer
Master Carbine Assault Tactics Master Carbine Marksmanship Master Carbine Counterinsurgency Tactics Master Carbine Special Abilities
Expert Carbine Assault Tactics Expert Carbine Marksmanship Expert Carbine Counterinsurgency Tactics Expert Carbine Special Abilities
Advanced Carbine Assault Tactics Advanced Carbine Marksmanship Advanced Carbine Counterinsurgency Tactics Advanced Carbine Special Abilities
Intermediate Carbine Assault Tactics Intermediate Carbine Marksmanship Intermediate Carbine Counterinsurgency Tactics Intermediate Carbine Special Abilities
Novice Carbineer

Carbineer requires 2,200,000 Carbine weapons experience and a total of 99 skill points to master.

Carbineer Trainers

  • Tatooine - Mos Entha 1157 3110
  • Tatooine - Mos Eisley 3534 -4695
  • Talus - Dearic 583 -2873
  • Rori - Narmle -5139 -2515
  • Rori - Rebel Outpost 3627 -6433
  • Naboo - Keren 1262 2678
  • Corellia - Tyrena -5225 -2488