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A Bio-Engineer has the ability to extract DNA and clone various creatures from around the galaxy. Using Genetic Modification they are able to customize these creations beyond their natural parameters.

Skill Tree
Master Bio-Engineer
Clone Engineering IV Tissue Engineering IV DNA Sampling IV Engineering Techniques IV
Clone Engineering III Tissue Engineering III DNA Sampling III Engineering Techniques III
Clone Engineering II Tissue Engineering II DNA Sampling II Engineering Techniques II
Clone Engineering I Tissue Engineering I DNA Sampling I Engineering Techniques I
Novice Bio-Engineer

Bio-Engineer requires 300,000 Bio-Engineering crafting experience and a total of 63 skill points to master.

Bio-Engineer Trainers

  • Tatooine - Bestine -1444 -3749
  • Talus - Nashal 4360 5250
  • Naboo - Theed City -5016 4009
  • Corellia - Coronet -427 -4651